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Tire Chains

Prepare for Winter Driving Conditions with Tire Chains

Tire Chains in Vacaville, CA

Winter road conditions can make even the shortest distance feel like a long and treacherous drive, even with the best snow tires. If you're driving in an area where you expect to encounter steep snow and ice, it's good to be prepared with tire chains in the event you need them.

Aegean Tire Center has a wide selection of snow chains for sale. Our professional staff can assist you in locating the proper size and type of chain for your vehicle and application. 

We serve Vacaville, CA, Fairfield, CA, Dixon, CA, and surrounding ares.

What Do Tire Chains Do?

Tire chains provide greater traction on snow and ice. If your vehicle is stuck in the snow or unable to make the trip up an icy hill without sliding backwards, tire chains can give you the additional traction you need to get up the hill or out of the embankment.

Snow chains attach to the drive tires of your vehicle and must be purchased to match a particular tire size. If you're unsure what tires you need to install your chains on, consult your owner's manual. While driving with tire chains, you'll experience decreased fuel economy and need to drive at a lower speed. Most cars driving with snow chains should travel at 50 MPH maximum.

Tire Cables in Vacaville, CA

We carry a large assortment of tire chains from great brands. Our staff can help locate the right chains for your vehicle and instruct you how to install and remove them. It's recommended you become familiar with the tire chain installation process before you need to use them. Once you're ready to take them off, removal is a snap.

3 Reasons Tire Chains are Great to Own

Tire chains are great to have as an emergency backup for these reasons:

  • More Traction: First and foremost, tire chains provide extra traction
  • Easy Removal: The installation and removal process are quick and easy to learn
  • Convenient Size: Tire chains don't take up much space and are perfect to  to store in your trunk

Winter chains are an affordable and convenient way to travel in adverse snow and ice conditions. They're a good choice to have in your vehicle as a backup in case your tires don't have enough grip in the snow. Once you reach your destination, you can easily remove them.

For a better and safer way to travel in wintry road conditions, visit Aegean Tire Center. We'll show you our inventory of tire cables for sale.

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